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Impassioned leaders. Outstanding results.
About Us
About Us
Impassioned leaders, outstanding performance
Impassioned leaders.  Outstanding results.
20 years ago, I came to the conclusion that the most critical success factor in any organization is  the quality of its leadership team. Period. When you have exceptional leaders, you have clear vision, collaboration, high engagement, and the ability to adapt to a relentlessly changing environment.

Ask youself, are you getting the results you want with your organization?  Are you prepared so you and your organization will be successful in the future?  If you're not sure, you have an opportunity to build leadership capabilities.

You might have heard that 80% of what we learn is learned on the job, and only 15-20% in formal training.  To me, training is like the foundation of a house.  It may be relatively small, but it's vital to the infrastructure.

My mantra?  Leadership development is a strategic imperative. Focus your training on what leaders need when they need it to address immediate needs AND pay attention to the future.  New capabilities always emerge and your blindspots benefit your competitors.

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Suzanne Murphy
Performance Through Leadership, Founder